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Fresh Chicken & Poultry

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  1. Sultan Fresh Chicken Fillets
    1.590 KWD
  2. Alyoum Fresh Whole Chicken 1000G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.800 KWD
  3. Alyoum Fresh Whole Chicken 900G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.450 KWD
  4. Alyoum Fresh Whole Chicken 800G | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.630 KWD
  5. Fresh Whole Chicken  1kg
    1.300 KWD
  6. Sultan Fresh Whole Chicken kg | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.290 KWD 0.850 KWD
  7. Sultan FRESH CHICKEN LEGS (BBQ) Per Kg | مركز سلطان اونلاين
    1.850 KWD
  8. Wara Fresh Whole Chicken
    1.400 KWD
  9. Wara Fresh Chicken Fillet
    1.690 KWD
  10. Sultan Fresh Chicken Thighs
    0.720 KWD
  11. Sultan Fresh Chicken Leg Quart
    0.730 KWD
  12. Sultan Fresh Chicken Breast
    0.790 KWD
  13. Bu Ali Fresh Chicken Fillet
    1.680 KWD
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